Written by Michael Patrick Sullivan

April 18, 2009 - The Black Box Theatre in Santa Monica, CA

J.D is an amnesiac who has reason to believe that he was once the masked villain known as Mastermind. Now, Mastermind's last plot has been triggered. A bomb will go off somewhere in the city, unless he and his girlfriend, reporter Liz Lassiter can recover the memories and, possibly, bring Mastermind back to life.



J.Claude Deering (Entourage, Criminal Minds)
Katharine Brandt (Manuscript, Shakespeare in the Cemetary)
Jonathan Runyon (The West Wing, Mad Men)


Michael Patrick Sullivan

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With a twisty "am-I-a-supervillain?" story and rapid-fire dialogue that plays like a strange, cool marriage between Joss Whedon and Aaron Sorkin , Sullivan's play is equal parts tense and funny, with wit and creativity to spare."
Josh Weiss-Roessler, Boring Future Generations

The play was funny, tragic and beautiful. I didn't look at my watch at all. Actually I don't have a watch but if I did I wouldn't have looked at it."
Emily Blake, Bamboo Killers Productions



Produced in partnership with Battlecry Productions.

July 10-12, 17-19, 2009 - The Eclectic Company Theatre in North Hollywood, CA


Brad Wilcox (Two Gentlemen of Verona, I Love You, Man)
Beth Ricketson (Gross Indecency, Gunplay)


Susan Lee (Weight of the Word, Cinderella Drives A Pick-up)





"Supervillainy abounds."
John Rogers, TV's Leverage

Mastermind is the kind of play that makes you wonder why you don’t go see plays more often. It’s so good, you wish you could watch it again immediately afterwards, but you can’t, because you are sitting in a theater, and the actors don’t respond well to having you ask them to do it again or back up and do this bit a second time.
Shawna Benson, Shouting Into the Wind, Geekerati

The play owned me from the first moment to the last. Sullivan manages to weave a story full of surprises, fun and mystery while never losing sight of his two characters and their relationship. The script is masterfully executed and director Susan Lee brings out its best qualities.
David Anaxagoras,
Screenwriting Manifesto

Mastermind has an intriguing premise....and it offers Wilcox a chance to display his versatility by playing both JD and Mastermind. Director–designer Lee provides him with a wonderfully bizarre costume for the latter role
Neal Weaver, Backstage


Produced by Rebecca Bonebrake/Eclectic Company Theatre

The Short-ish Film

A guerilla production shot throughout the Burbank, CA area. It is the evolution of the Eclectic production, featuring the same cast and director. It is currently doing the festival thing. A wider release is inevitable.



Brad Wilcox (I Love You, Man, The Jamb,)
Beth Ricketson (Gross Indecency, Gunplay)


Susan Lee (Gross Indecency, The Jamb)

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August 15, 2014 - WorldCon in London, England

This production was staged as part of the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention in London in 2014. Lighting design by Claire Childs. This marks Mastermind's first production outside the United States.



Rhys Lawton (Two Dozen Red Roses, Present Laughter)
Helen Oakleigh (Cleopatra, The Importance of Being Ernest)


Piers Beckley (Politics, The Just So Stories)

Mastermind - Copyright 2009-2014 Michael Patrick Sullivan